Who designs LWC Boutique products?
LWC Boutique products (except jewelry) are currently designed by CEO Chelsi Bennett. Products are created to inspire and aid in the development of women leaders across the world. 

How do my purchases support LWC's mission?
Each purchase and its profit supports LWC's mission to serve and develop women leaders such as the annual Mother-to-be Celebration. LWC also supports other women-focused organizations through partnerships, donations, and grants.

Can I make a suggestion for a product design or type?
Absolutely! We are creating to inspire YOU in your daily walk as a leader. If you would like to donate a design for production, email us:

What are your free shipping times?
Free shipping takes 3 - 12 days depending on the item and manufacturer.

What are your expedited shipping times?
Expedited shipping takes 2 -5 days. 

How do I track my order? 
Thank you so much for your order! Please allow 3 - 7  business days for manufacturing and processing (depending on item). As soon as your order has been completed, you will receive a shipment confirmation email. If you have not received a shipment confirmation in 14 days, please email us at

What are the latest collections available?

  • Sis, this is your time!

  • Hello Beautiful

  • Psalm 46:5

When did the LWC Boutique open?
The LWC Boutique launched January 15, 2019.

How often are products added?
Collections will be expanded throughout the year with additional items. New collections will be announced via Facebook and Instagram.

Are the products made in the US?
Products designed by Chelsi are manufactured in the United States. Other items are made from locations across the world.

If I order multiple items, will I receive them all at once?
We partner with manufacturers around the world, your order may arrive in multiple packages.

Have a question that isn't answered here?
Please email us at