3 Reasons I FINALLY Started My Book Club

After three years of law school, I am back to my "normal" self of reading, or at least I think I am. I still remember having to read over a 100 pages a night, and sometimes falling asleep while reading. But let's be fair, it was not a 100 pages of fairytale reading, it was a 100 pages of in-depth rules and facts that I would need to know for class the next day. Here are the three reasons I FINALLY started my book club: 


Part of my life's mission is to educate others, whether that is about politics, leadership, relationships, God, etc. I love teaching and helping others gain knowledge. Through my book club, club members will have the opportunity to learn and grow as an individual, and hopefully, be able to educate others around them on leadership principles, politics, government, and history.


Some of us have the desire to read and learn more, yet we fall short because of life's demands, boring books, not motivated, no one to discuss it with, etc. That is TOTALLY understandable. I have been there. And, then there are some people who do not have the desire to read but know that they should be. My book club is a safe place of accountability for reading. The truth is "Knowledge is Power." Reading books should be a priority in our lives. I hope club members will be enthused to discuss our books and will be motivated to be more creative with their free time. Whether it is reading during lunch, waking up 20 minutes early, decreasing TV time, or heading to bed a few minutes earlier, they will make the time to read. Our online community forums and monthly virtual dates will be a perfect combination for reading accountability.


Ever read something and wonder how others perceived the information? Or maybe you asked someone else and they thought the same thing you did? Our knowledge and experiences limit our understanding and frame our perceptions. While reading the same books, club members will be able to engage with other club members to hear different perspectives. When we read leadership books, club members will be able to engaged with other club members who are at different levels of leadership (I believe every person is a leader). When we read political books, club members we will be able to engage with people in different political parties and/or with people who share different political philosophies. And, lastly, when we read history books, club members will be able to engage with club members who are learning about the event for the first time, and others who were present during the historic event and can offer their perspective.

I am truly EXCITED about the book club!

For each person that joins the Book Club, whether for a month or two, or for its lifetime, I hope you are empowered, inspired, and educated to pursue your dreams with knowledge and understanding of the world's diversity.


If you have not already, please JOIN!  Our first virtual date will be September 15th. Our first book will be released on Friday, August 28, 2015. Sign-up to receive all the details.

Chelsi BennettComment